Mill Road Fishery

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We try to keep the number of rules to the minimum necessary to meet our objectives for the site. These are for the: safety of all visitors; welfare of our fish stocks; enhancement of wildlife; and your overall enjoyment.

  1. Hooks should be barbless, crushed barbs are permitted.
  2. Safe rigs must be used (no fixed leads or fixed feeders).
  3. Keep nets are not permitted.
  4. A current Environment Agency rod licence is required.
  5. Only one rod to be used at any one time, no rod to be left unattended in the water.
  6. No nuts are allowed. All particle baits must be properly prepared.
  7. All anglers must have a proper unhooking mat and an adequate landing net.
  8. Anglers are responsible for ensuring their fishing area is clear of litter at all times.
  9. Cars must be parked in the car park. Please respect the spaces for anglers with disabilities.
  10. Please keep to paths and do not interfere with wildlife or their habitat.
  11. No dogs are allowed on the site.
  12. No fish are to be removed or introduced without the owner’s consent.
  13. No children under 14 to fish without an adult, children to be supervised at all times.
  14. Fishing is allowed from 07:00 until dusk.
  15. No wading or swimming at any time.
  16. A toilet is provided for your benefit, please use it and leave it as you would wish to find it.