Mill Road Fishery

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Lake Closure

End of an era - start of something new

At the end of April we will close the gate on Mill Road Fishery as a day ticket water for the last time.

Janet and I have managed Mill Road Fishery as a day ticket water for over 10 years. Catering for anglers on an "open to everyone" basis has meant that we have had to compromise some of our original ambitions for the lake. We now think that the time has come to change the focus of the fishery. Therefore from May 1st 2019 we will be closing as a day ticket water. On June 8th we will re-open as a private, limited access, members' lake.

Membership will be strictly by invitation/recommendation and limited in numbers such that, during the season, on any given day, there will only be a handful of anglers present. At the moment the membership is full. Later this year we may open a waiting list. Any announcement will be made on our website.

Our plans for the lake include reducing the overall stocking level to allow the remaining fish to grow on. We have already removed over 400lb of roach and rudd and over 100 carp. We will gradual remove the wooden staging and have more natural swims. Because we will know who our members are we will be able to have more relaxed opening times and obviously our supervision of the lake can be scaled back.

We would like to thank (most of) the anglers that have visited our fishery over the past 11 years and for those angling shops and holiday businesses that have sent anglers our way.

2019 Update

Sorry for not updating the site for so long, but here goes for 2019. The big news is that the perch have been really active in the last month. I cannot be sure how many different fish have been reported, but I have had ten different reports of perch over 2 1/2lb. There have been three reported over 3lb including two of 3lb 3oz. When I have some time I will compare all the pictures I have and see how many different fish there are. Suffice to say, if you want to improve your personal best to these sorts of levels then get in soon!!

This is one of the near 3lb’ers recently taken by John on a visit with his Father in Law.

The carp are starting to get more active too. They are not going mad, but a patient approach with a few pellets in the margin definitely works. They will give themselves away by clouding up the clay bottom, so not difficult to find. I had three up to 7lb in an hour this week. The best I have seen was nearly 14lb to one angler at the start of last week.

Changes at Mill Road Fishery in 2019

We have some big changes lined up for the fishery in 2019. We will make an announcement in March. One of our winter jobs was having the lake netted. We used our friends at Mainstream Fisheries again and they did a professional job in near freezing conditions in early January. They removed over 400lb of roach and rudd and took out over 100 carp. This should give us a much more sustainable fish population and allow the stock that remains to grow on and stay healthy.