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Archive of 2015 news and reports


A Proper Write-up

Received a great email from Darrel Denny this week. Darrel took the time to include lots of detail and observations in his email which is fantastic and gives people looking in on the website a feel for our fishery. I arrived at the lake and had choice of pegs due to being first early bird. I started off with a double 10mm tangerine dream pop up on a long hair rig. Andy and Janet came round about 9:20 to hear the news of a blank so far, but ... i was mid rig making and after a quick chat with Andy we came to the conclusion to shorten the hair rig. I then used fox's camo tex soft braid about 6 inches with a size 8 fox armour hook (barbless) . This time I used a trimmed down 14 mm banana crunch pop up tipped off with a fake corn (yellow). To get the hair right I put the pop up and the corn on the hair then brought the hook down so the curve sat on top oft the he pop up. While Andy set about maintaining the swims on the other side of the lake (pretty handy with a set of sheers ha ha), within 5 minutes of the rig change I had my first run. A perfect common at 9lb 11 oz. After a quick re bait and cast back to my spot it only took 30 minutes to bag a stunning mirror at 8lb 3oz. Unfortunately I lost the 3rd in the reeds but it was another common on the hook. All in all it was a great days fishing with friendly owners who love their lake and surroundings. Recommend to anyone who wants to catch perfect carp.”

First Time Visit

I met Jonathan on the bank last week showing a new angler the ropes, it was his first ever trip and he was already catching carp like a professional. Unfortunately I was less than professional and forgot to find out the young chap’s name and Jon didn’t tell me in his email!!  “I have attached some of the picture I took when we visited yesterday afternoon. It was my friends first time fishing and I think you can see from the pictures he really enjoyed his time on the bank and now can't wait for another trip.

It really is a lovely little place to get away from it all, thank you.”

From memory they were fishing a method feeder with 10mm boilies in the island margins.

Making his Mark

Always great to see a youngster catching a fish that makes their day. When I walked around last Saturday 14 year old Mark Williams had just landed this cracking common carp. I had this email from his Dad which explains perfectly. “Well Andy I must say me & mark my son have fished your lake a few  times since we moved here in March this year. We find it very attractive and clean. I took Mark on Saturday 11th July, it was 6pm when I said to him start breaking down now, as he was closing his chair he had a screaming run. Wow his face when he landed it! Marks face lit up what a happy boy he was. Many thanks Andy for your assistance on the bank, Mark said he will be back again soon!”

Not sure if it was Mark’s first double, but it made his day!

Plenty of other fish being caught with many anglers having their best day’s sport in a long time. My top tip for July is to fish when its raining, you’ll probably have the lake to yourself! (17 July)

Pictures at last

At last I have had some photos that I can use on the site. First was one sent by Charlie Owens

“Me and my grandad have had a great time fishing your lake the last two days. We've pulled quite a few in between us, mainly carp with some tench and a lovely roach. However, none of these fish seemed impressive compared to the 13lb common carp my grandad caught on Sunday. Witnessed by two young lads who were that impressed they are now planning to come and fish your lake as well, this carp took my grandad 15 minutes to fight, managing to catch it on light tackle that he uses for silver fish. The lads helped us to weigh the fish and take photos for us.

We make the trip from Leicester to fish your lake every year, and I'm sure you will agree that this trip has turned out rather successful! Please find the picture attached; we hope to see you again in the near future.

Thanks, Charlie (and Robert)”

I also had a picture from Dan Blewitt. Dan and his mates have fished regularly over the past few weeks and had several carp into double figures. I’m promised some more, but this nice common weighed in at 12lb 8. Nice photo apart from the white trainers!

And now a moan

Perhaps it is the summer heat this week making me extra grouchy? Please, if you are new to the lake then take a moment to read the rules. You can’t miss them they are on the great big red notice board in the car park. Number one rule is that you can only fish with one rod, I have had to tell half a dozen anglers to reel in their second rod during June. Rubbish is also becoming a problem. I will make a special note of who is fishing which swims and if I find rubbish after you have left, then you will not be allowed to fish again. (1 July)

Bigger fish showing

No photos at the moment but a few of the double figure fish are now being reported. Biggest this week was 14lb with several over 10lb and a few monsters lost! (23 May)

May Update

Sport in May has been very consistent with some anglers reporting very good sport. The carp have been obliging although none of the bigger fish have graced the bank as far as I know. Plenty of very hard fighting fish up to 10lb though. Darrell Balausiak had a great day earlier in the month and email to say:

“I had 22 carp 2 under 4lb and the rest upto 9lb 4 tench and a very good roach to just under a pound so glad I braved the wind and rain. Once again mill road turned up trumps quality venue and the quality of fish is amazing . Hope to get down again for some more quality fishing. The first picture is me holding a belting ghostie of 6lb 4oz.”

15 April

Well the sun shone for a couple of days and the carp woke up big-time! The lake was quite busy and a number of anglers reported very good days. As I walked round anglers were telling me of 2lb tench and double figure carp. Popular tactics included method feeder with pellets, float fished luncheon meat and bread fished on the surface. Andrew Smith took this carp fishing bread on the top and enjoyed the buzz of seeing those lips close around his hookbait……..

3 April

Well at last the winds have died away and the weather is a little more pleasant! Thursday and Friday saw the first anglers on the bank for a few days and a number of carp were caught. One group had 8 fish between then up to 6/7lb, whilst a first time visitor had two cracking commons of about 6lb. I fished the last couple of hours of daylight on Friday evening and had three carp up to 6lb. I took down the barest minimum of kit and used a fifty year old split cane Avon style rod and a reel to match and fished luncheon meat or worms under the rod tip. Shows that you don’t need the latest hi-tech gear to catch. (4 April, 2015)

When the wind is in the west…..

…..the fishes bite the best, or so the old saying goes. All I know is that with the bitterly cold winds from the north that we have had to put up with during the last few days the fishing has turned rubbish! I popped down for a couple of hours Friday lunchtime and had two carp in my first two casts and then sat there fishless for two hours. Never mind at least sheltered from the cold winds the sun was very pleasant.

Favourite spring job (not)

Its that time of year when we have to get the chalk in. A generous helping of calcium carbonate certainly improves the water quality, but is a real pain to apply. Janet and I spread 25 sacks over the lake today and yesterday and by the end were seriously worn out! The fishing continues to pick up with the longer days and plenty of carp are gracing the bank. The ever popular pellet with a method feeder seems to be working well at the moment.

Spring has sprung

Well for a while at least we have had some pleasant warmer weather. The fish have certainly switched on during the last week. How big is your personal best Roach? Well Barry’s is now 1lb 3oz thanks to this beauty he caught this week float fishing maggots close in. There are some cracking roach and rudd in the lake with plenty of pound plus fish like this.

The carp are starting to show as well with one angler last week taking ten fish to 5lb and another regular catching fish to 11lb on large float fished chunks of luncheon meat. (13 March 2015)

End of summer

I received a photo last week of a very happy looking chap with his first carp from Mill Road. His Dad provided the following details.                

“Ive attached the picture of my boy with the common carp he caught today.

His name is Harley Fulcher aged 6. The fish weighted about 4 1/2 lbs. Thank you for this he was so happy with the fact his picture was going on your website. We will coming back soon for many more fishing trips. Thank you once again.”

We are getting regular reports now of double figure carp gracing the bank. One holiday maker had fish of 12lb and 15lb and there was another fish of 12lb reported last night. Bread on the surface produced the most fish during the warmer weather, with bigger baits on the bottom working for the patient angler waiting for the bigger fish (5 September)