Mill Road Fishery

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Archive of 2014 news and reports

Hectic Summer Action

The sport has been great for the visitors in the recent warm weather with some very big catches to a few anglers who get their tactics just right. The two tactics that seem to be producing the best are method feeder with micro pellets and surface fishing. One of our returning guests in the Old Pig Barn holiday cottage managed to out-fish her husband on most days and sent this picture (below left) of one of her best fish, well done Sandra!


Two new visitors, Mo and Martin, have found the lake to their liking and sent in this picture (above) of one of Martin’s fish. Mo also sent this email We spent a whole day here , from 1pm to 8pm.  We had a great day, wonderful sunshine but then thunder lightning and very heavy rain,  then back to warm humid weather.  A flask of coffee was close by thanks to my other half Martin.   I caught an awful lot of small roach Martin wasn't catching as many but then as usual Martin got the bite of the day with a nice 7lb carp. Aww he was well pleased. So here's a big THANKYOU for a great fishery which we will definitely be visiting again this year, many times I'm sure. A big thank you for having a loo on site and hand sanitizer there also, a well kept loo at that, nice and clean , just beware of the spiders hehe.” Thanks for the kind words. (4 July 2014)

All kicking off!

A few days of warmer weather and the fish are suddenly much more active. A number of anglers have been enjoying good sport and on a variety of methods. Method feeder with pellet hookbait has been catching when fished against the islands, as has the usual pole tactics. Young Ellie from Fleggburgh has been fishing short sessions and has had several carp to 6lb fishing sweetcorn in the margins, great fishing! Pictures below are courtesy of her Uncle Fred from the Pike and Slippers site (


I had two short sessions of just an hour and had several carp off the surface. Feeding and fishing floating trout pellets I had some quite big fish queuing up. The biggest I managed was about 9lb, but I will be having another go soon!

Spring Catch up

OK, so it has been a while since the website has been updated for which I apologise. We will try and post current news and catch reports on a regular basis over the coming months. The main task this winter was replacing a number of swims. It was hard work lugging the timber around and breaking up the old swims. I tried to do as much of the work as possible when no one was fishing, which inevitably meant when the weather was being unkind! Still at least we had no snow and precious little ice this winter. In the early spring Janet and I spread a tonne of chalk over the lake. The chalk is intended to improve the water quality through helping micro-organisms that live in the silt to thrive, reducing the amount of silt, improving oxygenation and providing calcium for invertebrates. Spreading the chalk is a bit of a nightmare! Dragging forty 25kg sacks around and loading them into the boat was back breaking work and the chalk gets everywhere as the pictures show.


On the fishing front things had been slow up until a week or so ago when the sun managed to raise the temperatures enough to get the carp moving. Last Thursday after a sunny day I fed a whole bag of floating trout pellets to some very hungry fish. I had carp rising in every swim in the lake as I walked round. A few carp are now being caught, but they are not yet giving themselves up. Try fishing in the margins near cover and move swims if you don't get results. Bait wise luncheon, bread and pellet are all catching fish. The silver fish and tench are feeding avidly and small baits such as maggot and sweetcorn will guarantee bites nearly all day long. (26 April)

Winter Update

The mild weather this winter has certainly kept the fish moving. Throughout the mild, windy, wet weather the carp fed well in short spells. The trick, as always, was to find out where they were. Even in a small, well stocked lake such as ours it is important to be in the right swim. A couple of times I started in one swim and had no bites, watching the water closely I would spot some bubbling or a fish roll and move to that area. Once in the right spot bites would come stright away. On two occasions in January I landed 14 carp up to around 6lb. Depending on how well the fish are feeding I would vary the set up. On harder days a couple of maggots on a size 16 hook to 2lb hook length would be needed to get the bites. On busier days a size 12 fine wire hook on 4lb trace with a big bunch of maggots would work. Feeding maggots and small pellets regularly is required, again on harder days literally 3 or 4 every 5 minutes and on busy days stepping it up a bit. Look out for the low pressure mild weather fronts and give it a go.

I am working on the swims at the moment. Some are being completely replaced, others just tidied up a bit. Please be careful and avoid the work in progress areas. (January 2014)