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Summer sport

Here is one of the only pictures sent in from this summer, thanks to Connor Parkin for this nice common caught a couple of weeks ago. There are loads of fish being caught and plenty of people promising to send in their photos……….. All the usual tactics are working well, surface fishing when it is warm and method feeder any time. (20 June)

Top Spring Fishing

It finally stopped raining this month and last week the sun made a welcome appearance. So after a long wait spring is finally here and nature is organising a huge catch up. The lake looks great at the moment, it is as full as it can get and the muddy banks have dried out. Best of all the carp are feeding well and looking in great condition. Already this year I have heard of half a dozen double figure fish up to an estimated 15lb. Darell sent the following report from this week. “Well my first fishing session of the year as the spring weather has been pants, but on the 23rd  of April the weather was in my favour bright and sunny. The fishing started off slow just had a couple of carp to about 3lb but it soon picked up fishing hook pellet and banded pellet managed to catch 23 carp in total and my mill road pb of 13lb and for the first time there was no one on the lake so had to take a selfie with slimy hand , and it wasn't easy. Once again fish are in perfect condition I'm always impressed every time I visit and hope to be down next week see you then.  And thanks.  Regards Darell.”

There have been several reports of big bags of fish on a variety of methods including pole fished pellet, ledgered boilies and of coarse surface fishing. It is still relatively quiet angler wise, some days there is no one here, so it is a great opportunity to catch a few and have the lake to yourself! (25 April)

Winter Secrets

It is that time of the year when we have very few visitors to Mill Road Fishery. I like to pop down for short sessions when I can have the place to myself. A week ago during a mild spell, I caught 16 carp in an afternoon. Nothing big, up to about 6lb, but great fun on a light float rod. I fished a crystal waggler with soft pellet on a size 16 hook and fed small hard pellets straight out of the bag. It took about an hour before the carp arrived, but then I caught steadily. Bites were tiny, but in the calm conditions they were easy enough to spot.

This week turned much colder. I had planned an afternoon’s fishing, but there was a hard frost and half the lake was covered in thin ice. I popped to Lathams and bought a pint of red maggots. I knew I could get a few bites from the roach and rudd even in the chilly conditions. I still had the same float rod set up so started with double maggot on the same size 16. From the first drop in under the rod top I caught rudd. They were small at first, but as I kept feeding every cast the started to get bigger. Soon I was netting more fish than I was swinging in. In total I think I had 5 rudd over a pound up to 1lb 5, with loads over 12oz. Suddenly I struck into something much bigger, I assumed it was a carp, but it soon popped up to the surface and I netted a monster perch. Carefully weighed at 2lb 9oz, it looked a different species to the usual smaller specimens. I was pleased enough to call Janet down to take the photos.

I carried on catching more roach and rudd enjoying the feeling after banking a decent fish when blow me I hooked another! This one charged around a bit more, but I could feel it was another good perch. This one weighed 2lb 13oz and was a personal best for me and the lake. A quick shot on the mat didn’t really do it justice, but will do for the record.

Here is a very happy Chris Stone with a lovely fish taken on bread.

The lake is still fishing well with some nice carp coming out. As the weather gets cooler it will soon be time for a personal best roach, rudd or perch - all of which go to more than 2lb.

This classically shaped carp was caught by Bren Moore. Float fishing with light tackle resulted in lots of silvers plus a few bonus carp like this one. If you fancy a busy day, fish light and keep feeding maggots every few minutes and use a small hookbait. You will get hundreds of small roach and rudd, but the bigger fish will soon arrive if you keep feeding and you might get rewarded with a specimen roach, rudd or perch all of which go over 2lb.

Liam Jones sent in the picture of a lovely fully scaled mirror. Liam and his friend have had great sport fishing bread on the surface.

I had a report this week of another regular who estimated 160lb of carp in a day long session. Feeding plenty of dampened pellets in the margin seemed to get the carp in a feeding frenzy.

Smash & Grab

Jamie and Sparky returned last night and in just an hour and 40 minutes up to dusk landed 19 fish up to a best weight of 14 10oz. Just proves that you don’t need to fish all day long to get the fish.

As I type this it is pouring with rain and there is only one angler on the lake, but he is catching plenty! (17 August)

Evening Successes

Jamie and  his croc wearing friend Sparky have recently discovered the lake and are having plenty of success in fishing very short evening sessions. With just a rod, net, mat and a loaf of bread they have been catching fish to mid-doubles. They usually have the lake to themselves as everyone has gone by tea-time. Just as well seeing as how untidy their horrible trucks look in the carpark!

Plenty of fish are being caught during the day too. Some days are busy as we are in the middle of the holiday season, but there is usually a swim with its own water and features.

Apologies for the noise that our lambs are making at the moment! We have split the family group to allow the mums to recover and the lambs are complaining - a lot! If you think its bad you should try living here 24/7! We have a plan for this week so hopefully it will get better.

Continued great fishing

The lake continues to fish really well. Plenty of fish are showing on the surface in the warmer weather. Please don’t forget you need a mat and a net in every swim, we have had to ask one or two people to pack up recently because they didn’t have the right kit. One of the biggest fish out in recent weeks is shown here. Wade and his Dad with cousin Corbin in a joint effort using float fished pellet and reported the fish at 15lb. (6 June)

Brendan’s first visit

Here are the results of Brendan’s first visit to Mill Road Fishery! Brendan is just starting out on his fishing journey and is learning the ropes as he goes. He reads and watches everything to do with fishing and says he wants to own his own lake one day, better get studying then Brendan! These fish resulted from some stealthy surface fishing with a floating pop-up boilie after the fish had been encouraged to lose their caution with a steady stream of loose fed floating pellets.

Hectic sport after spawning

The fish appear to have found their appetites after the short break for spawning. A number of anglers have reported great fishing with carp up to 12.5lb coming to the net. Darell Balausiak has sent in a few photos of fish up to 10.5lb. In his first report Darell said “Just wanted to thank you guys for a fantastic days fishing. If it wasn't for the Sun being too hot I would have stayed a lot later than I did. So fish quality was superb once again don't think I've ever fished a venue where the quality of fish is as good. I had around 20+ carp from 1lb to around 8lb all caught on various methods,Off the top, feeder, float fish. Was a really good day just too warm for me must be my age ha ha ha. Can't wait to visit again.” Darell did come back and banked 31 fish into double figures. He also managed to take some of the best photos that we have received, many thanks Darell!!

Lake now open

We closed for a few days to let the fish get on with things, but we are now open as usual, thanks.

Lake currently closed

Thursday 18th May - We have closed the lake this morning as the fish have started spawning. We will give them a few days to finish their fun and recover. Check the website or email us if you want to confirm the latest position. I’d expect to re-open next Tuesday weather permitting. Thanks for your understanding.

Easter News

The lake is fishing very well at the moment with some very big catches to some lucky anglers. The best I have heard of is 39 carp in a single day, that would be one tired angler!! With the weather picking up the carp are spending plenty of time on the surface now and it is a great way to pick up the bigger fish if you are so inclined. Anthony Davy emailed some pictures including one with his daughter and they had a great afternoon’s fishing. One or two double figure carp being reported now as well. The tench are very active as well.


It seems only five minutes ago that it was snowing outside, but today carp were feeding on the surface, the sun was out and there was a very spring-like feel to the lake. The carp are on the move now and starting to feed up after their winter slumbers. The best haul I have heard of is 22 carp in a single session, but for the most part the carp are taking things a bit more cautiously. It will not be long though before they are feeding strongly so if you are thinking of visiting you should come now while things are still quiet on the angler front.

Roger Hickman was one early visitor who benefited by taking this nice fish on a strawberry zest boilie (whatever they are!) Don’t forget if you do visit it is still a bit wet and muddy so leave your white trainers at home!

Winter Fishing

As I write this it snowing quite heavily outside. I am almost tempted to go and catch a carp for an atmospheric photo with a snowy background - almost. Last week we had a few anglers visiting and some good sport was had. Gary Thomas came to try out a new pole and had a splendid mixed bag. He had to fish hard to get the results chopping and changing tactics. He ended up with several carp up to 8lb, and on double red maggot had plenty of decent roach and this perch which Gary swears was around 2 1/2lb. It is certainly the biggest perch we have seen caught and shows how well they are suited to the fishery.

Family Outing

Shane brought the family to Mill Road a few months ago and I’ve only just got round to including them here. When the children weren’t running round the petting zoo meeting our pigs and sheep they were helping Dad get amongst the carp. Several fish were landed into double figures.

Autumn Season

As the year progresses and the nights start to draw on the fish are still very active and getting ready for their big feed before the winter sets in. There are less anglers on the bank now, so you might find that you have the place to yourself. All the usual tactics are still working, perhaps use a little less bait now.

Here is a report from Daniel Hare sent in a couple of weeks ago…

“My first visit to your lake today and what a lovely day it's been. The weather was kind with a generous lashing of sunshine to bask in (even the carp decided to top up their tan as they mooched about on the surface. Really enjoyed my first session at mill road with 5 Fishing total  comprising of 3 commons between 8am and 10 am,  2 around the 5lb mark and the last at 7lb 4oz .. after a lul with no bites I landed a rudd around 3.30 followed by a partial mirror at 4pm weighing in and 5lb and 2oz.. thank you  for hosting a beautiful venue . Looking forward to my next vist hopefully before the weather turns cold  ( I say hopefully as I have a 12 week old son that I find hard to not give all my free time to) .. thanks again guys .. see you again soon”

Alternative view

Here is a view of the lake that you will not have seen before. Darren Rogers from Broadland Computers at Stalham came to help us out with an IT solution (great service as usual) and then offered to take some aerial photos with his drone. It was very impressive watching him fly the drone over our property and in less than thirty minutes we had lots of high quality pictures of our house, land and the lake. You can see Darren’s work at URL:

Hot Stuff

The weather has been super hot and the fishing has been equally hot. The warm weather has brought the fish into the upper levels and they can often be seen cruising just below the surface. Expander pellets fed regularly and a hookbait fished shallow is working well, as is the old favourites of bread and floating pellets on the top. There have been fish up to 12lb this week that I know of.

Dan and his Mum have been catching every visit and I was on hand to photograph this double last week.

Top Sport

Mother and son regulars Christine and Dan emailed these pictures while they were fishing on Saturday. Christine said that they had a fantastic day’s fishing and were well rewarded with carp like these up to 8lb. Fish seem to be coming out to all sorts of different tactics at the moment. Don’t neglect the margins and try fishing shallow, say just 12 inches and constantly feeding small pellets to get the carp really competing. Don’t forget your unhooking mat, we have had lots of comments recently about the great condition of the fish which will undoubtedly be down to the use of mats and lack of match pressure. If you fancy some great looking fish in very pretty surroundings then give us a go. (20 June)

Lost a rod recently?

Not for the first (or last) time a determined carp made off with a rod a reel recently leaving a disappointed and embarrassed angler! If the young couple would like their gear back then they have to send the photos in of the fish that they did catch!! Please do pay attention when you are fishing, never leave a rod unattended and slacken off the clutch or baitrunner just in case.

Happy visitors

Had a nice report from Adrian Gray who brought his son Leon to Mill Road. It was only Leon’s third fishing trip, but he had great fun with the small roach and tench and also latched onto his first carp.

“Had a great day at your lake yesterday I said to you on the day we were after the small fish, Roach, Tench etc....we caught loads on shrimp, which they seemed to go for straight away, rather than sweetcorn, or bread.

However! you can see from the photo's we had quite a few fair size Carp around the 4lb mark ......this was fun on our light tackle.

Thanks for having us , and I hope the photos are of some use to yourselves.”

Early reports

Liam Hobdell emailed to say that he had had a great session at the lake and included the pictures above. Our guests staying in the Old Pig Barn had a good week and enjoyed the fishing, well Rose certainly enjoyed it as she out-fished Gary!! Rose had fish into double figures, hopefully pictures soon.

Pellets or corn floatfished in the margins seem to be picking out the carp. Don’t use too much feed at the moment though, just enough to get them interested. (25 April)

Fish on the feed

Despite the cold wind today the carp were feeding well and one regular had taken 10 fish by lunchtime, topped by a nice fish of over 12lb. Time to get those rods dusted off before the crowds return! (11 April)

General lake tidy up

We have been working hard at the lake over the last couple of weeks and it is looking really good. The water levels are coming up nicely and the lake looks bigger! We have pruned some of the bankside trees to give the swims a little more space. We have also walked round the margins and taken out all the under-water snags from the willows to make things “fish safe”. We’ve done the same on the islands, recovering a few leads and lengths of line.

It has been quiet angler wise recently, but those that have ventured out have all caught well. Yesterday there were small fish topping all over the lake, a sure sign that things are waking up! (16 March)

James gets in the action

Not to be outdone by his friend Ben (below) James has now sent in a couple of photos. Unfortunately school has now interrupted the fun for these super-keen youngsters, but I’m sure they will be back soon!

Cold weather success

The fishery has been quiet over the last few weeks as the fair weather anglers have stayed away. However, two youngsters have been visiting regularly despite the frosts and the rain. Ben emailed these two photos, but was giving little away in terms of tactics! I think small boilies and a small amount of groundbait might have done the trick though. Ben and his friend have had fish up to 8lb and have caught on most days, well done to them! (Feb 2016)

Time for a winter carp

It is the time of year to get your thermals out and come and catch a winter carp! Despite the frosts and the gale force winds the carp are still feeding. Two lads on holiday visited yesterday and took three carp to 11lb. Fishing slack lines and casting around to find where the fish were holed up seemed to be the winning tactic. I hear that the rivers are fishing poorly at the moment, but if you fancy a day of catching silvers on the maggot, then Mill Road will keep you busy. There are plenty of roach and rudd, keep feeding and suffer the small fish and eventually the bigger fish will move in. Roach and rudd over 1.5lb are very possible. There are also a few perch showing now with fish up to 1lb.

If you visit, please be careful as the banks will probably be wet and a bit slippery. We will start our winter work soon as we have a few swims to repair and we will be pruning some of the trees. (Nov 2015)