Mill Road Fishery

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About the Lake

The lake was dug in 2005 and stocked shortly after with a large number of Carp, Tench and Rudd by the then owner. The lake is just under an acre and includes two islands which help to separate the anglers and ensure everyone has their own water to fish. The lake has 14 hand built wooden stages that provide flat, stable pegs.

We continue to develop the flora and fauna around the lake and have planted a number of lilies, reedmace and other water plants to provide the fish with some cover. We have also planted a large number of native trees and shrubs around the lake and on the islands. We hope that in time, this will provide a more natural environment.

Fish Stock

The lake was originally stocked in 2005. Many of the carp are pretty scaly fish like the one shown here. They have grown on and even bred most years and the lake could be described as heavily stocked. There is reputed to be one 20lb Carp in the lake (although we still have not seen the pictures) although there are confirmed fish up to 19lb+ and many double figure fish that are growing all the time.

There are also large numbers of Tench that are gaining weight every year. To provide something for everyone there is also a head of Rudd and Roach that particularly provide the youngsters with good sport, although these fish have also now grown and many fish over a pound are caught every year.


The lake is only a few yards from a gravel car park with a grassed overflow parking area providing plenty of space. There is a level concrete path down to the nearest swims the first of which has priority for our disabled visitors. The car park also has a brick built toilet block. There are fourteen level, purpose built wooden fishing stages.

Our Objectives

We have a number of objectives for our lake and the surrounding land and we will be working hard to develop an environment in which both our fish and the local wildlife thrive and that provides a high quality fishing venue.

Provide a safe environment – We will ensure that at all times the lake is as safe as possible.

Develop a high quality water environment – We will ensure that our fish stocks flourish by providing a high quality water environment for them.  We will provide adequate emergent and submerged plant life to provide sources of food and shelter.  We will actively manage water quality through policies on ground baiting and loose feed.

Ensure our fish stocks are always healthy - We will actively manage fish stock levels to ensure that they remain healthy and can grow naturally.  We will ensure an appropriate balance of fish stocks that co-exist and flourish.

Improve the commercial viability of the fishery – We will develop the fishery so that it provides a year round, high quality venue that is popular and well regarded within the East Norfolk area.

Improve angling standards – We will support our customers in developing better fish handling skills and safe fishing practices.  

Develop mature natural surroundings – We will continue to plant native species trees and shrubs at the lakeside and in the surrounding area.  We will manage the growth to provide cover for the wildlife and privacy of fishing positions without obstructing the anglers.

Enhance the local wildlife – We will develop the environment to improve the range of wildlife visiting and living in the immediate area.